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Yehowa Medical Services (YMS) is a not-for-profit corporation operating a three clinic system serving California’s 9th, 37th, 40th, 43rd, and 44th Congressional Districts in Los Angeles (LA) County. YMS were established in 2010 in response to the lack of sufficient healthcare services in the South LA area. Across its three clinics, YMS provides a full-range of clinical and non-clinical services including: medical, dental, behavioral health, alcohol and other drug counseling, psychiatry, STD/HIV testing, nutritional counseling, medical case management, and eligibility assistance. Patients are never turned away for their inability to pay. YMS providers work tirelessly to achieve positive health outcomes for individuals and a better healthcare status for the community. YMS aims to be the provider of choice for the population in its service area, which is beset by some of the poorest health indicators in LA County and across California.

YMS is grassroots, community-based, federally qualified and state licensed whose mission it is to provide high quality medical care to residents of LA and surrounding areas regardless of social, economic, or ethnic backgrounds. The foundation to this mission are the following values:

  • Leadership with integrity in a culturally sensitive environment
  • Empowerment of individuals to feel ownership for their health
  • Justice, equity, and diversity through guaranteed access to services and research advances
  • Compassion, hospitality and inclusiveness
  • Collaboration and partnering to maximize resources
  • Quality within cost-effective care
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In Summary:

  • All three YMS locations are non-profit Oriented Community Health Centers
  • YMS emphasizes on “patient-focused” approach
  • YMS patients and their families are the center of our health care team
  • All YMS staff are committed to a personalized professional approach to health care
  • YMS will maintain an honest and cooperative relationships with patients, families, employers and all other health partners
  • YMS will care for you regardless of your ability to pay; using all resources available


  • We treat all individuals with compassion
  • We are driven by quality and respect for all individuals
  • We are committed to make a difference in the lives of those we serve and help in our community
  • We use our knowledge and abilities to support our community
  • We are focused on the future and continually encourage improvement
  • We engage diverse employees to create a high-performance culture with a sense of pride to serve the community

To provide the best care for all patients and to provide effective integration of services to complement plans for delivery of quality patient care.

The objective of YMS is to deliver quality care to the most number of people in accessible manner at minimum cost, through the use of innovative systems and policies. The administrator/medical director and management are responsible for ensuring that adequate personnel, equipment and space are available to maintain professional, high-quality service at all time.

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